As a Digital Currency and Blockchain Strategist working with

The TNE Coin Tech team is one of my greatest career achievements.

Not only have a learned a lot

I do feel I have likewise contributed a lot.

I will say…

I now have several colleagues in the blockchain space. I have seen them have “tech troubles.” I have also seen just how long it has taken to rectify. This has shown me repeatedly just how intelligent and reliable The TNE Coin Tech team is, making it all the more an honour to be directly consulting with their team.

I will never forget one 40-minute conversation I had with Anton, in the early days. There was intensity in the conversation as we both shared different points of view but in the end we were able to agree and a great piece of The TNE Coin was born. It’s a great moment for me, in my life, that I will not forget.

To see The TNE Coin willing to be so supportive of something so important to me is just another great life moment.

To The TNE Coin – with so much appreciation – I say thank you.

I’d like to take this chance to share a bit more about The TNE Coin (TNE) here…

The TNE Coin for the people

In the early days of cryptocurrency,

Bitcoin emerged with a vision:

To provide an alternative form of currency.
To introduce digital money.
To enable transactions without the need for traditional banks.


Bitcoin faced criticism

– for three significant reasons:

Slow transaction times.
High transaction costs.
Price volatility.

So we question… can we create a digital currency that overcomes these challenges and serves the people?

Everything about The TNE Coin is for the people

The answer lies in blockchain technology, which offers innovative solutions:

Speeding Up Transactions: Utilising technology we can enhance transaction speeds in blockchain.

Reducing Transaction Costs: High costs result from network congestion, which can be mitigated with technologies like Permissioned Proof of Stake (PPoS).

Tackling Volatility: Blockchain presents new possibilities. For Example anchoring value…This anchoring is possible because blockchain technology enables us to “create rules” by embedding value into the coin’s code. As a result, a digital currency can achieve consensus on its value.

To enhance a digital currency’s value, it’s crucial to secure consensus among businesses and coin holders. Achieving this consensus is a key challenge, as volatility often deters businesses from accepting digital currencies as payment.

TNE, a new digital currency, addresses these challenges by using innovative PPoS technology for rapid transactions and reduced costs. Its value is anchored to the last highest price of gold on the exchange, rather than being tied to the US Dollar or gold itself.

But the innovations don’t stop there…

The Power of Compounding:
TNE offers the power of compounding within wallets, putting financial empowerment back in the hands of the people.

Achieving consensus on a digital currency’s value is vital. Bitcoin, despite not being backed by anything, derives its value from consensus.

Real-Life Use Cases:
TNE has gained acceptance from numerous businesses, demonstrating its real-world use as a breakthrough in blockchain technology.

TNE combines the established value of gold with blockchain’s endless possibilities by anchoring its value to the last highest price of gold on the exchange.

In summary, blockchain technology unlocks the potential for a faster, more efficient, and people-centric digital currency.

TNE exemplifies this vision, offering a glimpse into the future…

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